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Road Transport

Cargo transporting by road has a number of benefits, which contribute to its popularity. At present there is a great demand for this mode of delivering goods. A vast network of highways allows delivery of goods both to the countries-participants of foreign economic activity and to almost any place where the customer's store happens to be located.

Another benefit of motor transport is its high economic efficiency. Wimex-group specialists will select a suitable type of vehicle matching the cargo requirements which guarantees the goods safety during the travel.

Due to the high speed of delivery and relatively low rates as well as goods safety and security the major portions of goods from Asia and Europe are delivered by means of cargo automobiles.

Peculiarities of Road Transport

  • cargo groupage and consolidation makes this mode of transport affordable for small businesses with a modest budget;
  • from the European countries cargo is delivered in canvas truck trailers of various payload capacity;
  • goods delivery by automobiles is very convenient when there are partner companies in Europe or CIS countries;
  • from a sea port container goods can be transported by a motor vehicle to the customs service for clearing and then delivered directly to the client's destination.
  • highway network extends around the globe giving opportunity to select the best route and to choose the shortest, safest and least crammed path;
  • affordable container transport under inner customs transit;
  • automobiles can be used both for cargo import and export and for cargo delivery throughout the country (goods can be easily delivered to any far away locales of Russia).

nternational Transport

Wimex-group is a customs broker operating throughout Russia. We provide a wide range of services and are always ready to help organize shipping of any international goods. Our main goal is to match requirements of our clients. It is a common practice for international cargo carrying to utilize various modes of transport. It allows to reduce costs and to spare time and to deliver goods safely and securely. When cooperating with Wimex-group you will be surprised to see how efficient your foreign economic activity can be.