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Goods Certification

Wimex-group provides a complete set of logistics services and also offers its clients help in obtaining a goods certificate. This service speeds up export and import operations and makes a customs clearance procedure easier and faster.

Nearly any cargo passing through the customs service has to be certified, permitted, and approved. A customer spends a lot of time and effort getting all that documentation. It is even more so if the customer has no experience in the process. Wimex-group staff will save your time and money and provide you with the necessary documentation package.

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion (Expert Conclusion)

Our specialists will help you to obtain the expert conclusion (the former sanitary-epidemiological conclusion) for your goods. This document proves that the imported goods comply with the sanitary-hygienic requirements and rules (СанПиН, ГН). Experts of the Gossanepidnadzor centre examine and test goods samples and give the hygienic certificate.

The certificate is necessary when importing clothes, foodstuff or goods that contact with foodstuff or a person's skin.

Declaration of Conformity or Certificate of Conformity (GOST R)

This document is necessary for both participants of foreign economic activity and companies working in the home market. The certificate proves that the goods match quality and safety requirements of TU and GOST (ТУ and ГОСТ).

This documentation may be obtained only from authorized experts.

Exemption letters

Exemption letters are documents which prove that the goods are exempt from obligatory declaration or certification.

When the question arises whether the certificates are necessary the controlling authorities make a query for which an exemption letter is submitted. These documents are obtained from accredited centres (commerce letters) or from All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Certification of Gosstandart of Russia (VNIIS) (documents for the customs service).

Radio Frequency Centre Conclusion

This document is necessary when importing into Russia any radio electronic devices. The permission is obtained from local radio frequency centres (according to the State Radio Frequency Commission List).

Typically to collect these documents takes about a month, but Wimex-group specialists can do it in one or two weeks. There is one more way to speed up the process. A customer may obtain an official accelerated permission in three days.

Certificate of Origin (СТ-1)

The document proves that the item was produced in a participant country, a country that signed the Free Trade Area Agreement (it is signed by 10 CIS states).

This certificate reduces VAT and thus increases the economic efficiency of the import operation.

Obtaining the package of permissive papers and certificates is a rather challenging procedure. If you need more information you can contact us by phone.