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Electronic Goods and Cargo Declarations

Wimex-group is a broker operating throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. The company offers a range of services in the area of customs clearing including goods declaration.

The declarant submits in a written form information about a product that is transported across the border, and about the chosen form of clearing the goods at the customs service.

The declaration includes a number of documents which supplement each other. All these documents are submitted in standard form. Among them are customs cargo declaration, customs value declaration and some others. The documentation must be accurate and correct otherwise the goods won't pass the customs station.

The procedure is rather intricate and is better left to professionals with profound knowledge of the Customs Code and well acquainted with the procedure. To simplify the whole matter many companies seek help of customs agents, entrusting them with the safe release of their goods at the customs post.

Wimex-group conducts customs clearing of any goods. Our specialists will provide all the relevant documentation, clear the goods, pay fees and taxes, and declare the goods. We at Wimex-group declare goods online using computerized facilities.

Declaration of Goods via the Internet

By 2014 electronic declaration of goods will be available all over Russia. Initially the online declaration system was developed by the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Now it is spreading over the Russian Federation. Wimex-group is an advanced business and is ready to offer its clients online goods declaring today.

Electronic procedure differs from its classic counterpart by the absence of paper documents. All the required documentation is filed to the customs service in electronic form via the Internet.

Benefits of Electronic Declaration:

  • The whole process becomes transparent
  • No paper documents
  • Customs control becomes automated
  • The speed of goods flow through customs increases
  • So, with the submission of documents in e-form the time it takes to clear goods through customs is reduced (just a few hours instead of 3 - 5 days).

The whole procedure is rather simple. Our agent completes the e-forms (it takes about 20 minutes). Then the documents are sent to the customs authorities. Under the Russian legislation the documentation may be submitted prior to the cargo arrival at the customs post, which contributes to faster clearing procedure.

Declaration of Goods with Wimex-group

To change to distant submission of documents the company had to acquire a server and to adjust its settings, to provide information protection system, and to buy necessary software. We have created an information system and got it certified in compliance with the safety requirements. Today we offer our clients a safe and reliable system that significantly simplifies the customs clearance procedure.

We offer our services to both participants of foreign economic activity and non-participants. Our clients need not to acquire digital signatures, which also makes customs clearing faster (it takes about 20 days to get a digital signature).

To get more details about our services contact us by telephone using the numbers on the site.