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Export is moving goods into another state for the consequent selling to the foreign customer, to be put on the foreign market. Besides, export includes taking goods out of the country for future processing, and transit of goods. Shipping imported from another country goods out into the third state for selling it there is called reexport.

Wimex-group is an experienced provider of export and customs services. We can simplify your task and conduct your export operations for you. While we focus on saving our clients' time and efforts they may focus on managing their businesses.

How does Wimex-group organize cargo export from the Russian Federation?

Export transaction is performed in the following way:

  • 1. First the preliminary cost of the export contract is calculated based on the client's data.
  • 2. Optimal basics of delivery are chosen according to the client's wishes and requirements.
  • 3. Delivery conditions are agreed upon by the parties, a delivery contract is drawn up and signed.
  • 4. Then an export contract is signed with the foreign buyer named by the client.
  • 5. The foreign buyer sends money to pay for the goods (100% advance payment).
  • 6. Drawing up documents on non-tariff regulation necessary when exporting goods from Russia.
  • 7. Export documents are drawn up at the customs service.
  • 8. Organization of goods transportation and goods in transit insurance
  • 9. Delivery of goods in accordance with conditions of the contract.
  • 10. Refund of value added tax (VAT).

Export transaction variants

Wimex-group offers two ways of conducting export operations. The company may function as an operator. In this case it is responsible for logistics (forwarding agent) and provides drawing up documents and transporting cargo.

According to the second scheme Wimex-group is an independent goods seller.

When the first variant is chosen the sum of the service fee is discussed with the client and may be a fixed sum or a percentage of the exported goods value.

In this case the customer is an exporter and is to claim refunding value added tax fee himself.

In the second variant Wimex-group functions as an exporter who purchases and exports the goods abroad. So it is our duty to draw up export documentation and to return VAT. Our service fee we take from the returned VAT. The exact sum is discussed with the client.

If you don't want to worry about your export it is better to trust professionals and choose the second variant.

We fulfill our duty with diligence, and our extensive experience helps us to handle uncommon situations. Our specialists check all documents carefully, draw them up in time and according to the rules while buying and selling the goods, clearing it at the customs service, and refunding VAT. Companies who try to do that themselves usually face a lot of difficulties. Thanks to its many years' experience Wimex-group copes with all the challenges.