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Import of goods and consequent delivery to the customer’s store

Import means delivery of goods, technologies or capital from a foreign country for the purpose of their further selling and using on the home market of the importing state, as well as getting paid industrial products and consumer services from foreign partners.

The term "import" originated from a Latin word "importo" – "I bring in". Goods are brought into the country as a result of international division of labour, which saves time and labour sources and better meets the needs of the nation population and national economy. Import volume is defined by its structure, assortment, and the scale of state economy, the level of industrial development, advance in science and technology and the country's own resources. In Russia import is regulated by customs service norms and requirements. Most of the goods are brought in according to CIF.

Wimex-group company is a skilled player on the foreign economic activity scene, and it offers its customers such services as import operations and customs clearance. Company's specialists are competent in their areas and know what to do and how to do it best. You need not worry about your import, just leave it to Wimex-group and go on with managing your business.

How does the import scheme work?

Goods are imported into the Russian Federation in the following way:

  • 1. First the preliminary costs are calculated based on the client's data.
  • 2. According to the client's wishes and requirements suitable basic delivery conditions are found.
  • 3. All details are agreed upon with the client, the parties draw up and sign a contract for the goods import.
  • 4. We purchase foreign currency and then pay the client's supplier bill.
  • 5. The next stage is organization of goods transportation and goods in transit insurance.
  • 6. Drawing up documents on non-tariff regulation for bringing goods into the territory of Russia.
  • 7. Import documents are drawn up at customs service.
  • 8. Goods are delivered to the client's store on the territory of Russia.

Conduct secure transaction

During an import transaction we work with reliable partners whose impeccable reputation is proven by the years of close cooperation. If the client wishes to work with definite contractors we try to satisfy his wish.

All customs clearance operations are carried out by Wimex-group. Our clients don't have to deal with customs service or draw up any documents on goods. Importing goods is no easy task and is better left to professionals. Our specialists are high-qualified and competent in import issues.

Another benefit of choosing our company is that we obtain transaction certificate and assume responsibility for all foreign currency payments. When the work is done the client gets the report from the Agent with detailed account of the money spending. Enclosed are consignment notes (form TORG-12), invoices, and Agent's fee act. We carry out all the operations necessary to bring the goods into the territory of the Russian Federation. As a result, the customer has to fulfill the ordinary actions just as in any home market transaction.

For the services we render we charge service fee to customers. The exact sum is calculated depending on the invoice cost of the imported goods and is discussed and agreed upon with the client before signing the contract. The sum may vary depending on the goods value, delivery schedule, delivery and customs clearance difficulties, and some other aspects.

We pay attention to every client and the client's possibilities and requirements. We consider cutting rates and working out individual service fee tariffs.