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Rail Transport

The last decade we were successfully engaged in logistics. We helped many small and medium-sized businesses to increase efficiency of their foreign economic activity.

Wimex-group is a customs broker you can rely on. We transport cargo on the best possible terms for the customer and our rates are moderate. Our specialists have expert knowledge of legislation and will help the customer to carry out import and export operations according to the present day's realities. We use all types of transport and deliver goods by air, sea, rail, or by road.

Every kind of transport has its benefits and restrictions. Very often while carrying a cargo we have to combine different means of transport so that their weak points would be diminished, while their benefits would increase resulting in speedy delivery and adequate rates.

Rail Transport

Cargo delivery by rail is one of our top priorities. Nowadays railroad lines form a vast and extensive network all over the globe connecting every place where foreign economic activity is conducted. So it is easy to deliver cargo quickly and in accordance with the required transportation conditions.

Very often railroads are used for shipping goods to or from Europe and Asia. For example, when it is necessary to carry goods from China the cargo is moving through Zabaykalsky post. Railway is helpful when delivering customs cleared goods or inner customs transit cargo. Often goods are to be delivered from European countries. In this case the cargo arrives at Moskva-Tovarnaya station where it is cleared.

Wimex-group also handles groupage cargo. First it is cleared at the customs station and then sent to the customer's stores in mail cars by rail.

We will match the suitable container for your goods to ensure their safety during the travel. Our activity is organized and conducted by high-class specialists who will provide accurate and speedy documentation, offer the most suitable variants and obtain approval from the Russian Railroads authorities.

We value our clients and always act in their best interests!