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Consulting Services

During the last decade Wimex-group has been engaged in logistics services. Over the years we have set up connections and adjusted schemes, gained experience in foreign economic activity, and come to know the particulars of customs legislation. And we are still improving our skills in logistics and customs clearance. The company has established a track record for a safe, reliable and skillful provision of a full set of logistics services, and become popular in the market.

We are happy to offer our clients a complete set of services to optimize their foreign economic activity. We will help you reduce time and money spendings in passing the cargo through customs borders, and strengthen your cooperation ties with suppliers and partners.

Wimex-group offers a high level of consulting services providing strategic consulting in foreign economic activity.

Consulting Services

Wimex-group offers a wide range of consulting services:

  • Drawing Up and Signing FEA Contracts
    • To make such a contract one needs knowledge and experience. Incomterms, that is international rules, should be studied carefully and with great attention as any misunderstanding may cause difficulties in transaction process as well as extra expenses.
  • Contract Evaluation and Analysis
    • Our experts will study the contract for any ambiguity that might cause unexpected difficulty in export or import operations, and will explain all the details and the meaning of any clause. The whole process of a transaction between the client and the client's foreign partner will be divided into a series of simple stages starting with drawing up the contract and ending with delivering the goods to the client's destination.
  • Assistance in Client's Company Registration as Participant of Foreign Economic Activity
    • Our specialists will provide a list of documents that are necessary for the registration, explain the particulars of the procedure, and what time it will take.
  • Preparation of FEA Documentation Package
    • Wimex-group will provide speedy and accurate FEA documentation meeting the related rules and requirements.
  • Foreign Economic Activity Taxation
    • We will select the most favourable taxation form with minimal payments.
  • Goods Delivery Route Selection
    • Wimex-group logistics specialists will select an optimum route to carry your goods upon in terms of time and money spending, and also inform you about multimodal transport.
  • Import or Export Transaction Passport
    • assistance in cargo declaration - definition of foreign economic activity commodity
      classification code;
    • reduction in IEA variable and fixed costs;
    • consulting in customs risk management: which ones are actual at the moment and how to avoid them in a better way;
    • correction of the cargo customs value;
    • outsourcing of foreign economic activity: calculation of the profit it will bring to the client' company;
    • consulting in the procedure of mandatory certification of goods.