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International Cargo Transportation

Wimex-group is engaged in logistics and renders all the concomitant services. Our specialists plan and carry out international transportation of goods to and from countries-participants of foreign economic activity. Any kind of goods can be delivered to our terminal if we are responsible for customs clearance or to the terminal named by the customer if the customer conducts clearing of goods.

What types of transport does Wimex-group use?

Our specialists will always choose the best way of delivery in terms of time and costs. Consequently, sea, air or road transport can be used. We have a vast network of agents all over the world which allows us to organize freight in the territory of a foreign state and deliver goods into the Russian Federation to the customer's store. We work in close contact with carriers from European and Asian countries, and our extensive experience in transporting all kinds of goods alongside with new technologies make it possible to bring in any cargo for you in a short time and at more than adequate prices.

Air, Water, Auto and Rail Transport

Automobile is really very popular as a means of international cargo transportation. Extensive net of highways allowing to deliver cargo to the customer's door is its main benefit. The prices remain rather low and quite affordable even for small businesses. The time of delivery though may be not as short as with air transport.

Road transport is used for any types of cargo including groupage freight. Automobile transport is most efficient for cargo shipping to and from European countries.

Freight shipment from North and South America and Asia is usually by sea or by air. Wimex-group will choose the best and most efficient way. We cooperate with companies from China and Asia carrying all types of cargo from there. Our biggest advantage is that we have first priority to reserve space in cargo ships. We work together with many airports and sea ports, so we may find the destination point most suitable for the customer. In Europe our partners are Tallinn, Hamburg, Riga, Kotka, Klaipeda and some others. In Russia we cooperate with Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, St.-Petersburg, and a number of other ports.

We work with many foreign partners, and therefore have possibility to select optimum variants and make air transporting more affordable. Air transport is fast and safe. When the cargo is passing through Moscow it comes to Vnukovo, Domodedovo, or Sheremetyevo. We also cooperate with the world's largest airports.

Very often we have to organize container cargo shipping by rail. Our personnel work out the routs scrupulously and in every detail and submit it to the approval of the responsible authorities. Wimex-group guarantees that your goods will be delivered in safety and within the required period.

One of our services is international cargo transportation. We deliver your cargo rapidly and forward you through import or export along the shortest path.

Air Transport

Air transport facilitates access to all the countries in the world as well as to the far away regions of Russia. With the help of a network of companies-agents Wimex-group will select the most efficient routes:

  • around Russia, after customs clearance;
  • from any country of the world to Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo, or from these airports to any country;
  • maritime groupage cargo passing through the Far East is delivered to Vladivostok by motor transport.

Cooperation with partners from other countries contributes to high speed and rather low costs of these shipments. High quality at moderate prices is our major achievement over the years of work.

Rail Transport

Delivery of container cargo to the customer's store is one of the main activities of Wimex-group:

  • from Russia to China and back to Russia through Zabaikalsk;
  • from European countries to Moscow with customs clearance at Moskva-Tovarnaya station;
  • after customs clearance or inner customs transit (VTT) from such ports as Vladivostok/ Vostochny;
  • cleared groupage cargo is transported from the Far East in mail cars.

In addition to rail transportation Wimex-group is engaged in customs clearance at ports of unloading, and inner customs transit according to the customs inner regime.

Automobile Transport

Automobiles are mainly used for transporting cargo from CIS countries, European countries, or from far away places in Russia:

  • cargo consolidation in European countries, delivery around Europe;
  • groupage cargo from the neighboring countries and Europe;
  • cargo transportation from Europe in 20-ton canvas truck trailers with volume capacity of 82 - 120 cubic meters;
  • cargo delivery around Russia and Moscow;
  • delivery of goods to or from CIS countries;
  • container delivery from European ports to the customs post, and then after the customs clearance procedure to the client' store;
  • container delivery from Russian ports (St.-Petersburg, Novorossiysk) under inner customs transit, customs clearance at the selected post, then delivery to the customer's store;

For international transportation we use special auto transport depending on the type of cargo and the travel time.

Maritime Transport

We offer groupage and full container shipping by sea (20, 40, 40HC, 45HС). The main conditions of delivery are the customer's EXW store and FOB port.

  • transport by sea from any country to the ports in Russia: Vostochny, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk, St.-Petersburg;
  • forwarding of international cargo;
  • cargo delivery by sea to European ports (Rotterdam, Klaipeda, Riga, Hamburg, Tallinn) and transporting to Russia.