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Sea Transport

Optimization of import and export costs increases the efficiency of a company's activity. That is why many domestic companies seek help from professionals and come to logistics service providers that have extensive experience in organizing cargo transportation.

In the last decade Wimex-group has greatly succeeded in logistics sphere. Our qualified personnel, accumulated knowledge and working experience make cargo delivery to any part of the world where foreign economic activity is conducted an easy task.

To achieve our goals quicker and at lower rates we use different types of transport including air, land, water, and railway vehicles. When setting the route we take into consideration our customers' wishes and interests as well as economic efficiency.

Sea Transporting and its Specific Features

Nowadays sea transportation is widely used in export and import operations. Water ways help reaching far away countries, while Wimex-group opens to the customers the possibilities and advantages of shipments by sea. Sea transportation features some aspects which should be considered.

  • Sea load can be transported in full or groupage containers.
  • Cargo may be delivered from any place on the globe to a European port (Kotka, Hamburg, Tallinn, Riga or some other) and from there further to Russia for customs clearance.
  • Combination of different types of transport usually makes delivery faster and economically more efficient. Sometimes it is not convenient to carry goods to European ports. In this case it is possible to move the cargo by sea directly to a home port (Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, St.-Petersburg, etc.).
  • We also offer international cargo forwarding. When a customer uses this service Wimex-group assumes the responsibility for goods safety and customs clearance, while the customer's mission is to receive the goods at his own store.

The more detailed information on international cargo transportation may be obtained by contacting us.