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Customs Forwarding

Customs forwarding is to some extent a kind of freight forwarding. The mission of this service is to make cargo transit across the borders correct from the point of view of customs regulations and standards.

There are some cases when customs forwarding is obligatory and you cannot avoid it altogether. But such measures are only undertaken when the terms of customs duty payment are not observed or when goods delivery is connected with some risks. In these situations customs forwarding fee is paid by the exporter/importer.

What are the Benefits of Customs Forwarding?

Wimex-group is a broker, operating all over the territory of the Russian Federation. The company provides customs forwarding of any freight. When buying a forwarding service from Wimex-group you get more than just a service. You ensure safe and secure delivery of your goods and get less worrying. The freight will arrive in time, and the customs clearance procedure will be prompt and cost effective. According to the Russian legislation customs forwarding is paid for.

When a company uses our service the owner has no reason for worrying. We do our best to avoid delays or extra spending. A team of well-trained and experienced professionals is able to settle any difficult or tricky situation arising in the process of goods delivery.

How Much does Customs Escorting Cost?

Coming to Wimex-group a customer may be sure to get best services at winning prices. According to the company's pricing policy we try to give our customers what they pay for and a bit more – the supreme quality of services. The company's staff will draw up the necessary documents, help to obtain certificates and avoid or resolve problems with the customs agencies. Wimex-group renders services according to the signed contract.

Wimex-group is also engaged in other aspects of international cargo transportation. The details are available on the site. You may find out additional information on the services rendered or the service fees by calling us.