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The costs of the customs clearance of goods and transport include:

  • discussion and analysis of documents before submitting them to the customs clearance;
  • definition of foreign economic activity commodity classification codes, calculation of customs clearance costs and taxes;
  • declaration of goods;
  • drawing up customs documents: cargo customs declaration and customs value declaration;
  • if the cargo is examined by a customs officer a Wimex-group representative is present;
  • preparation of the accounting package.

These issues should be resolved by qualified specialists. But for a business to open a new position and to hire a qualified person means extra money expense and time delay. Very often the company cannot afford both. That is why many firms prefer to focus on the production process and employ outsourcing companies, that can do inefficient work for them.

A customs broker is mainly chosen on the base of his service fee. But in the terms of customs clearance one should also take into consideration some other aspects, such as a number of articles, goods positions, and foreign economic activity commodity classification codes. All that greatly influences the mechanism of declaring goods.

Geography is very important too: service fees of customs clearance agents and charges for temporary storage of goods vary at different customs stations depending on their location region. Customs clearance procedures at Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports have their own specific features.

Wimex-group offers its customers a flexible pricing policy which is based on the individual approach to their needs and interests. We work out exclusive terms for every client, discuss them, and when approved put them into the contract.

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