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Outsourcing Foreign Economic Activity

Growth of globalization resulted in closer cooperation between Russian and foreign companies. Small and mid-sized businesses use much of the raw materials and industrial equipment sourced from abroad. Consequently many companies are faced with new problems never encountered before:

  • document management;
  • customs clearance of exports and imports;
  • cargo insurance and transportation;
  • the system of mutual payments between counterparties;
  • the need for a reliable supplier;

These issues are to be solved by a qualified staff specializing in particular areas. Very often opening a new position for a company means extra time and money expenses. That is the reason why many companies prefer to buy services from outsourcing providers. With their help the companies can leave most of "thankless jobs" to the third party and concentrate on what they can do best – managing the production process.

Wimex-group company offers a complete set of logistics services. Our core competences are customs clearance and a variety of other business solutions. To facilitate our customers' activity in international markets we offer foreign economic activity outsourcing, in which all operations of foreign economic activity are performed by our staff. As a result, it allows you to save money as well as time. This solution will certainly benefit your business.

Outsourcing Step by Step

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity delivers benefits to any enterprise regardless of the scope of its activities. It allows working in industrial sector companies and services sector businesses alike to gain the same scale of productivity. Outsourcing includes several stages:

  • search for a supplier company depending on the product's price and quality, time and volume of supplies, the company's reliability and some other aspects;
  • handling requests from the customers, drawing up proposals;
  • three-party contracting (supplier, customer and Wimex-group);
  • payment and accounting operations;
  • arranging goods procurement;
  • shipment, insurance and transportation of cargo;
  • customs clearance, delivery of goods to the client's destination;
  • drawing up all documents.

Benefits of Foreign Economic Activity Outsourcing

  • the customer is not involved in goods procurement;
  • checking the products' quality is on the supplier's premises, the customer receives a high-quality goods, duly completed;
  • customs clearance and transportations are performed by Wimex-group;
  • all foreign currency payments operations are undertaken by Wimex-group;
  • to purchase the necessary products you can open a credit;
  • ownership of the products at every stage belongs to the customer.

Wimex-group has extensive experience in logistics, as well as highly skilled staff and a large number of foreign agents that can provide outsourcing services for the winning prices and in the short term. Outsourcing to us your foreign trade activities, you can safely deal with the core functions of your business. The well established system of interaction allows us to quickly address emerging issues and to please the customers with fast, reliable delivery of the required load.