Delivery of goods safe and sound from one country to another is an important stage of international trade. Transportation of various cargoes in containers by sea is considered the most profitable way of transportation due to a combination of various factors. First of all, this is due to the convenience of loading / unloading in ports, because large areas are specially allocated for this and infrastructure is being developed. A big plus is also the relatively low cost of transportation and the versatility of the transported goods.

Advantages of sea transportation:

- profitability: when transporting goods over long distances, relatively low cost of transportation

- safety: after loading, the locks of the container are fixed with a seal, it can only be removed by the consignee

transportation of large cargoes: dimensions are limited only by the dimensions of the container. If you need to transport cargo of non-standard sizes, we can offer gondola cars or open platforms multimodal transportation: delivery of goods to anywhere in the world by combining road, rail and sea transportation when a change of mode of transport is required Vimex Group LLC is an agent of the Turkish MEDKON line. Ports in which the service is carried out: Ambarli (Mardas), Gebze (Evyap), Alexandria Old Port, Ashdod, Beirut, Misurata, Rades, Casablanca, ship calls at the NUTEP container terminal (Novorossiysk). Vessels used on our service Turkey - Russia (Novorossiysk) - Service - 650 TEU (Vessel - MEDKON Gemlik) and 353 TEU (Vessel - MEDKON MRA).

We and our partners are ready to find the best offer for the cost of freight for you. To calculate the cost of container transportation by sea (freight), the following information must be provided: - exact route - name of the cargo, its weight, dimensions. - temperature regime (if required during transportation) - hazard class (in case the cargo is dangerous) - date of shipment. time, as well as the cost of port services and the use of a container (demurrage).


- Complete staffing by professionals experienced at COSCO Group (OOCL), HAPAG-LLOYD, EVERGREEN, YANG MING, ZIM.

- Software that allows fully automate the whole shipment process starting from loading of containers on vessel at POL, release to customers and ending with return of containers to port and loading on vessels; empty and laden equipment control; preparing the complete set of documentation for import and export cargoes; the ability of integration with carrier’s liner system and automatic reporting via EDI, if necessary.

- Preparation and organization of vessel’s arrival, berthing for cargo operations and departure processes

- Direct Contract with NUTEP terminal.

- Contract with company providing ship’s agency service in the port.

- Contracts with main portside terminals and depots for empty equipment handling and services for stuffing/unstuffing of containers, cargo handling arrived to Novorossiysk by road and rail.

- Repair and maintenance of standard and specialized equipment.

- Big pool of customers.

- Established relationships with main Russian forwarding companies and direct customers.

- The group of companies also includes customs broker and forwarding departments and provides domestic and international transportation services on turnkey basis, which allows to provide the full range of service by request of customer or principal.

- We have all core competencies and experience to handle forwarding and liner business.


- Agency fee USD100 per laden container.

- Agency commission 10% on the basis of through ocean freight including freight surcharges.

- Reimbursement by Principal of expenses actually incurred by Agent:

a) Port dues and charges, including ship’s agent remuneration, incurred in connection with organization and securing of arrival and departure of Principal’s vessels to port for cargo operations;

b) All port and operational expenses incurred in connection with container handling, loading, discharging, tallying, cranage, stevedoring, transporting charges, depot charges and surveys of empty containers of Principal;

c) Any other expenses incurred by Agent in the interests of  Principal, upon agreement with Principal.